Part Four: The Math of Trust

  1. The purpose of life is to make life better;
  2. The best way for us to make life better is to find work we love doing (we call this Work with a capital ‘W”);
  3. We are social creatures and it is impossible for us to Work without others;
  4. We have seven types of relationships, every one of them matters, and it’s far easier to love life and Work when we have healthy relationships not just across all seven types but with most of, if not all, the members of each group;
  5. It’s almost impossible to have a healthy relationship without trust; and
  6. Trust has three dimensions: character, competency and connection.

How the Three Dimensions are Interdependent

  1. Trust is a complicated thing (duh);
  2. Character-based trust is best initially assumed / given (Ronald Reagan famously said: “Trust first, then verify”) and then lost;
  3. Competency-based trust is either earned or authenticated;
  4. Connections-based trust is typically developed overtime or assumed based upon the tribes “brand”; and
  5. Whether given, earned or developed, all three forms are easily lost and very hard to rebuild.

The Math of Trust

  • Yes (1), no (0) for character (first score, if you’re rating someone a zero why even think about the other scores),
  • 0–100% for connections (50% being no real connection, 100% being great, 0% being horrible), and
  • 0–100 (number not percentage) for competency (future easy on why this range makes sense and how to assess it).
  1. Character first: if you’re rating someone a zero why even think about the other scores?
  2. Connections: in the long run, wouldn’t we all want to Work with people we genuinely want to be around and who make us better?
  3. Competency: I went here last because ultimately I believe it’s easier to find and or develop competency than it is character (for sure) or find people who genuinely help us become better and better versions of the best versions of ourselves.

Executive Summary

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