Welcome to the New Age of Work


Work as Our Developmental Journey

No other activity besides Work will get us to the top of the pyramid faster. Sleep won’t. Reading won’t. Playing won’t, unless playing is actually what we do for work. Eating won’t, even if it is work-related.

Redefining Work

Before I share more about how Work gives life meaning, helps us connect with our purpose, helps us find our tribes and makes life better, let’s look at how many of us think about work.

  • An activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result;
  • A mental or physical activity as a means of earning income;
  • Employment;
  • The place where one is employed;
  • A task or tasks to be undertaken;
  • Something a person or thing has to do.

The New Age Has Arrived

At the core of this New Age of Work is the appreciation that, like Maslow’s pyramid itself, companies need to move from helping people meet their lower needs to an awareness and support of their higher and higher needs.


  • Our evolutionary drive toward self-actualization most fully manifests in our Work.
  • Work we love doing is one of life’s greatest yet grossly under-appreciated gifts.
  • It is only through Work that we develop and gain access to the insights, tools, disciplines, relationships and competencies that are essential to both personal and professional growth.
  • Effective and purposeful Work requires an effective and purposeful Work place.
  • Ultimately, the winners will be companies that are not just committed to the betterment of the individual, but to the organization and all of its stakeholders, including society as a whole.


Consider your approach to Work. How can it better fulfill you? How can you continue to improve upon your best self through Work? If you work for someone else, how can you help them move into this New Age? How can you help them turn their workplace into a Work place?



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Mark Abbott

Mark Abbott

Mark Abbott, founder and visionary at Ninety.io, is a sought-after business leader, writer and executive team coach. Follow him at https://abbott.work